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About Me

Oil painting of Johnny Mason

Hi, I'm Johnny Mason. I've always been the curious and artistic type. As such, along the way I have learned to do many things to help express those traits. Whether it's music, art, or digital marketing, I find them all fascinating in various ways and often end up getting lost in their possibilities.

I have been doing work related to my interests in one way or another since I was a teenager and have met some talented and inspiring people along the way.

Currently, I work full time for a major health care corporation where I do web design and maintenance, graphics, SEO, and video/audio production work. I continue to do freelance work as well that allows me to be more creatively versatile than corporate expectations may permit.

I hold a Master's Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Eastern Michigan University.
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Johnny Mason wuz here :p

Web designer, graphic design, print layouts, illustration, ink portraits, audio and video production, etc in Flint, Michigan.